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Andrew Ambrosius invites you to The Art of Business English (AOBE). The premier podcast for Spanish speakers who wish to improve their business English skills and confidence. Listen in as guests discuss their business experience and the ups and downs of learning English as a second language and applying it to their trade. These compelling interviews reveal how even the best had to go through the often daunting task of learning a second language. Be inspired as they share their stories and show us all that anyone with the desire and focus can work with international clients of all levels. In up-close-and-personal candid conversations, inspirational and empowering business leaders uncover the raw truth behind their business and their beginnings. Andrew asks those penetrating questions we all want to ask like , how can I overcome my fears and do business in English, even when I think my level is too low? What were the breakthroughs and sometimes breakdowns that got you to where you are now? And how have you overcome your fears and self doubt? This inspirational and uplifting show also gives listeners the opportunity to learn with our guests, as Andrew offers interesting tips and insight into how even the best can improve their business English skills. One of a kind and unique in every aspect. Welcome to The Art of Business English. 

Mar 6, 2024

Hey there, welcome back to the Art of Business English podcast. Your podcast to help you get the English language skills to excel in business. Today we will be looking at the art of writing.

Writing is a powerful tool that can make or break your communication efforts. Whether you're crafting a sales pitch, sending an email, or creating social media content, your words need to pack a punch. But how do you make sure that your message is impactful without overwhelming your audience with too much information? The answer lies in streamlining your writing. By cutting out unnecessary words and focusing on the essentials, you can create content that is both easy to read and impactful. In today’s episode we'll explore the art of saying more with less and share some tips on how to streamline your writing for maximum impact and readability. So, whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn how to make your words count.


You can check out the Effective Written Communication for Business course mentioned in the podcast by clicking this link: